Eastwood Park Reporter

Minot, North Dakota

Est. 1991

June 1992

Vol 2, No 6

Temple Beth Israel Was On 1992 Tour

By Harold Porter

In case you missed this story in the special 1992 Tour of Homes edition of the Eastwood Park Reporter. We are reprinting the following story.

The Minot Hebrew Congregation was organized in 1911 and met in a Temple on the site where the present Temple is now located. It faced west and was a much smaller building. The fifty members met in this building until 1926 when the building was demolished.

In 1926, the Congregation moved to the building that is now St. Peter's Orthodox Church. They worshipped here only a short time.

In 1930, construction was finished on the present Temple Beth Israel. This building was much larger than the original and occupies most of the lot. A small structure stands to the rear of the Temple and is used for an autumn harvest festival called Sukkoth celebrated for nine days beginning on the eve of the 15th day of Tishri, the first month of the Hebrew calendar corresponding to part of September and October, and commemorates the temporary shelter of the Jews in the wilderness.

The membership of the Minot Hebrew Congregation grew to as many as sixty families during these years. Today the Congregation serves many from the Minot Air Force Base as well.

53rd Annual Hellenic Picnic Tickets On Sale

The 53rd Annual Father's Day Hellenic Picnic will be held on June 21, 1992 from Noon to 5 pm at the Beer Garden Building on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

Mouthwatering charcoal broiled chicken dinners will be served and delectible greek pastries will be on sale.

There will be free entertainment by Regina's Greek Dancers and also games and prizes for the entire family.

There will be a door prize of a $1000 Zero Coupon U.S. Treasury Bond given away.

Advance tickets are $4.50 for adults and $3.50 for children under 12. Call XXX-XXXX or any member of St. Peter's Orthodox Church for more information. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Lawrence Welk Visited Eastwood Park

By Dave Lehner

During the early 1930's, one of the residents of Eastwood Park was a gentleman named Joe Welk. It is not clear whether he was a brother or cousin to Lawrence Welk since there are stories stating that both are true. Joe lived in one of the five sleeping rooms in the upstairs of 122 8th Street SE.

When Lawrence Welk, also known as Larry, would come to Minot to play in the bandstand at Roosevelt Park, he would stay with Joe at his apartment.

The story is that no one would go and listen to him in those days because they didn't think that his band was good. One of the residents of the apartments recognized Lawrence years later on television as the Larry Welk that stayed in Minot.

Another resident whose father lived in the house behind the apartments also verified that Lawrence Welk stayed with Joe. His father was a taxicab driver and soon became a good friend of Lawrence.

Whenever Lawrence was in town, he would dine frequently at the residence of the cab driver and always engaged his transportation services to get around Minot.

Eastwood Park Neighborhood Association News

By LeAnn Derby, President

Success again! The 1992 Tour of Homes raised over $2000 and the more than 400 visitors had a great time. The Association would like to thank all those that helped.

At the last Association meeting, it was decided to spend $750 on beautification of the entranceway. Shan Cunningham is the head of the planting committee. If anyone would like to lend a hand or donate plants, please give him a call.

The Association also decided to spend up to $300 to transplant 60 large Ash trees donated by the Extension Service to the south side of the river paralleling Burdick.

The Association is now officially a non-profit organization. Donations to the Association may now be deducted on income taxes. Thanks to Judith Howard for her efforts to obtain the non-profit status.

A letter written by Kathleen Cunningham was approved. It is asking for a traffic study of the neighborhood as part of the 1st Avenue NE bridge construction process.

Pete Hugret and Shan Cunningham represented the Association in Fargo st a state historic event and made some connections with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Good things may come of this if it is pursued. Shan volunteered to be Treasurer of a state historic group.

The next meeting of the Eastwood Park Neighborhood Association will be at 7:30 pm on Tuesday June 16 at the home of LeAnn and Dan Derby, 215 9th Street SE.

Happy Father's Day!

The Circus Paraded Through Eastwood Park

By Dave Lehner

In the late 1920's and early 1930's, the circus performers would move the circus animals and everything else through Eastwood Park. The circus trains would unload at the railroad tracks in the area just west of the old outlet furniture store.

In the early hours of the morning, they would parade all the animals down Central Avenue, across the old wooden bridge that was next to the false-arch bridge, through Eastwood Park to the old circus grounds where Corbitt Field now stands.

One of Minot's early residents said that he would listen for the animals to go through Eastwood Park. Sometimes he could hear the roar of the big cats or, occasionally, the trumpeting of the elephants. Many times as a child, he was awakened by the sound of the elephants prodding along, sometimes right in front of his house.

His parents would never let him or his siblings stay up to watch the procession because they were worried that the circus workers would try to kidnap the children.

Good News Club Held This Week

By Kay Cameron

There will be a Good News Club meeting the week of Monday, June 15 to Friday, June 19 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am each day. This is a backyard, non-denominational bible club. There will be bible stories, missionary stories, songs, refreshments and more. It is open to children from pre-school to 6th grade. It will be held here in Eastwood Park at the home of Jody Martin, 223 9th Street SE. Anyone can attend and it will be a great way for area children to make friends and have fun.

Help Recycle

By Kay Cameron

We all need to do our part to make our environment better. When we all work together, it makes a difference.

We can take our aluminum cans to Budweiser Recycling of Minot, non-ferous metals to Continental Metal Products, plastic bags to Piggly Wiggly or Marketplace Foods, and packing peanuts to Mail Boxes, Etc. or Pac-N-Ship. The Red Cross also takes newspapers, cardboard, aluminum cans, paper and glass on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Lawnclippings and leaves can be composted or taken to the collection site near Corbett Field. A & A Recycling will pick up your sorted recyclables for a small monthly fee.

Rummage Sale Was A Hit

By Kay Cameron

The Eastwood Park Rummage Sale was a success. There were over 20 rummage sale locations with many of them representing more than one household.

Some neighborhood children found this a good opportunity to set up Kool-Aid and lemonade stands for some old fashioned fun.

The turn out for the sale was fantastic. The participants and shoppers had fun.

Happy 4th of July!