Eastwood Park Reporter

Minot, North Dakota

Est. 1991

May 1992

Vol 2, No 5

Chiles Home Is Part Of 1992 Tour

By Ron and Judy Chiles

As part of our coverage of the 1992 Tour of Homes, the Eastwood Park Reporter presents the fourth part of a four-part series on the 1992 Tour of Homes participants.

Ron and Judy Chiles' home is located at 211 9th Street SE. Records in the office of the city tax assessor indicate the home was built in 1917. The registered owner of the property at that time was Gertrude Wendt, wife of William D. Wendt, who was the Ward County Superintendent of Schools from January, 1914 to May, 1918.

In 1922, they sold this home and moved to Cresco, Iowa, according to the Ward County Directory for that year.

The new owner, J.A. Charbonneau, was Secretary-Treasurer for Westlie-Charbonneau Co., the local Ford automobile sales and repair agency. The original five-room home, consisting of a modest parlor, dining room and kitchen on the first floor and two small bedrooms and a bath on the second floor, apparently remained unchanged during the five years that the Charbonneaus lived in it. In 1927, the home was purchased by A.M. Christensen and his wife, Amy.

Mr. Christensen was secretary and treasurer of the Valker-Christensen Co., Inc. at the time. He and Amy were already residents of Eastwood Park, just one block west and south at 229 8th Street SE. In 1935, the house was expanded to the rear, adding a den, or library, on the first floor, an attached single car garage at ground level, and a generously-sized third bedroom on the second floor. Sometime in the early forties, the broad porch across the front of the house was removed, and the front wall of the house was moved toward the street approximately eight feet, yielded a half-bath, entry vestibule,, and much larger living room on the first floor and a master bedroom above nearly fifty percent larger than before. A beautiful panelled fireplace with tall windows on either side was added to the south wall of the living room. The current lap siding was installed during this later addition. Each of these additions resulted in significant changes to the roofline of the house, resulting in gables on all four elevations, trimmed with a distinctive crown molding, and three dormers.

A.M. and Amy raised their son, Ralph, in this home and continued to live here long after he was grown and married. When A.M. died, Amy remained in the home until she was no longer able to do so. The home was sold to James and Gail Whitfield in 1974, and subsequently to Art and Linda Monroe in 1976. Art was an Air Force pilot, assigned to Minot AFB at the time. In 1978, the house was sold to the Chiles family.

Ron, Judy and sons, Chris and Jeff, have enjoyed living in this comfortable, spacious home. Some interesting features not found in most homes are the crown molding in the living and dining rooms, Phillippine mahogany panelling in the den, and a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom. Few changes have been made to the house in the last fourteen years. Come and visit with Ron and Judy. They will be happy to see you and share more about their home with you.

Volunteers Needed For Tree Planting

By Pete Hugret

Volunteers are needed for Saturday, May 2, 1992 to help with and supervise tree planting.

The foremen should know how trees should be planted. They will make sure the right tree gets planted in the right hole. They will also make sure that the trees on their block are watered.

Security Fence, Dakota Fence and Main Electric will all be here with augers to dig the holes. The Optimists Club and the Boy Scouts will be doing the planting. The city of Minot will provide a water truck, but the truck may not get to all areas, so we may need to hook up some hoses and make sure the new trees are properly taken care of.

We need your help if this is to be successful. Please call Kay Cameron at XXX-XXXX to let us know if you can help out. Thank you.

EPHDN Association News

By EPHDNA Officers

The May 2nd river clean-up is still planned. Everyone 13 years old or older who wish to participate, please meet in front of 300 9th Street SE at 10 am. Wear suitable clothing and bring any equipment that you may have that will aid in the clean-up.

Shan Cunningham and Pete Hugret represented Eastwood Park at the 2nd Annual Preservation Conference of Preservation North Dakota in Fargo on April 25-26. The conference featured speakers on many topics related to tourism and developing historical sites. The conference attendees viewed several historical sites in Fargo. Shan and Pete will report on the Conference at the next Association meeting.

The next Association meeting will be Tuesday, May 19 at 7:30 pm at the home of Dan and LeAnn Derby, 215 9th Street SE. The results of the Tour of Homes will be discussed as well as how the money raised by the Tour could best be used.

A special thank you goes to Gust Granstrom and Acme Electric. Acme Electric loaned Eastwood Park a generator so that Gust Granstrom could finish attaching the brass plaques to the pillars at the 9th Street entrance to Eastwood Park.

The Sensible Gardener

By Shan Cunningham

Water, water and more water; that is the only requirement of your new tree. Remove the grass in a two foot diameter circle from around the base of the tree. Leave a shallow depression that will hold at least three gallons of water. At the time of planting, fill this depression something like ten times allowing the water to soak in between fillings. At this point, it is impossible to over-water. A two-and-a-half gallon bucket is all that is needed for the rest of the process. Give the tree two-and-a-half gallons of water every day for one week. Then, every other day for the next two weeks. After that, water twice a week until freeze-up. That's it. That is all that needs to be done to establish your new tree. Will everybody do this? Of course not. Please water your neighbor's tree, if necessary. It may not be your responsibility, but it is your property value.

Please don't fertilize your tree or the lawn beneath your tree for several years. Please don't use herbicides, period. If your neighbor is operating a dandelion rance, notify the Association and we will see to the problem. Please band your mature trees now and in the fall to protect against canker worms. Please watch for worm damage in your new trees. Imagine what your new tree will look like in fifty years.

Rummage Sale Dates Changed

By Kay Cameron

A new date has been set for the neighborhood rummage sale. The new date is May 30-31. The date was changed because the previous date was Memorial Day weekend. There will still be a meeting on Thursday, May 14 at 7:30 pm. at the Cameron home, 605 1st Avenue SE. for anyone wishing to participate. If you cannot attend the meeting, please call Kay at XXX-XXXX.

The sale will be advertised in the Minot Daily News and on flyers posted on area bulletin boards. A neighborhood map showing the location of all sales will be handed out on the rummage sale days.

The cost to participate in the neighborhood rummage sale will be $2.00 to cover the cost of printing and advertising.

See you at the meeting!

Vote on May 5th

By Steven Cameron

On May 5th, all Eastwood Park residents should vote for the person that should represent Eastwood Park on the city council.

The three people running for alderman are the incumbant, Larry Frey, and the challengers, Shawn Sanford and Larry Bellew.

The residents of Eastwood Park now vote at the Ward County Courthouse rather than at Sunnyside School.

Miss Sadie Says...

Farewell to Ida Pederson who is moving from 713 1st Avenue SE.

Welcome to Thomas and Susan Wentz, 713 1st Avenue SE