Eastwood Park Reporter

Minot, North Dakota

Est. 1991

January 1992

Vol 2, No 1

Eastwood Park Formed on August 1, 1906

By Steven Cameron

After six years of planning, a swindle and two lawsuits, the Eastwood Park Addition plat was filed on August 1, 1906.

From the beginning, George Hecker wanted Eastwood Park to be one of the prettiest residential areas in Minot. Although the land was naturally beautiful, Hecker and K.E. Leighton, his attorney and partner, spent $1000 adding greens and shrubbery to the oak, elm and ash trees, rose bushes and grapevines that were already part of the landscape. Trees were removed to form the streets that conform to the streets of today, although they were numbered differently. A bridge was erected at the end of 6th Street, then known as 3rd Avenue for access directly to the downtown area.

Hecker and Leighton also designed Eastwood Park to be a good investment. Minot was growing and its population was expected to top 10,000. Residential areas close to downtown were expected to be valuable. In one advertisement, they predicted that the $300 lots would increase in value by a third within two years.

In the years that followed, the location and beauty of Eastwood Park attracted many prominent business people just as Hecker and Leighton had planned.

Many of these prominent business people will be highlighted in future articles in this newspaper.

1991: A Banner Year For Eastwood Park

Lets take a look back at 1991. It was a busy year for Eastwood Park and its residents. The Neighborhood Association put together a great Tour of Homes which included the Derby, Pederson, Hugret/Howard and Thomas homes plus St. Peters Orthodox Church. This event went well. The Second Annual Tour of Homes is scheduled for May, 1992.

The proceeds from the Tour of Homes was used to build the brick columns that were erected at the south entrance to Eastwood Park. The Neighborhood Association purchased one of the brass plaques for the columns and a second one was donated anonymously.

In October, the Eastwood Park Reporter was started to tell of Eastwood Park's past and keep people informed of ongoing activities in the neighborhood.

In December, the neighborhood residents showed their holiday spirit by putting up Christmas lights and participating in the Eastwood Park Holiday Festival. Everyone had a good time. The Second Annual Eastwood Park Holiday Festival will be bigger and better for 1992.

EPHDN Association News

There will be a meeting to organize the 1992 Tour of Homes on Tuesday, January 28 at 7:30 pm at the home of Dan and LeAnn Derby, 215 9th Street SE. Everyone is invited to attend.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the Christmas Lights contest and dressed up the neighborhood. There could only be one winner but all of Eastwood Park was the real winner.

Another thank you goes to all the people who contributed their time and money to make the Eastwood Park Holiday Festival a success.

Finally, we would like to thank our judges for the Christmas Lights contest, Ed Kuhn, Micheal Nilson and Bruce Kopp.

Recipes Needed for Eastwood Park Cookbook

Recipes are still needed for the cookbook to be sold at the 1992 Tour of Homes. Recipes can still be dropped off or mailed to the Cunninghams, 106 7th Street SE. Each recipe should include the name, address and phone number of the contributor. Many recipes are still needed.

The Deadline for Recipes is January 20.

Christmas Lights Contest Winners Named

The home of Richard and Donna Zietz, 609 1st Avenue SE, was named the best decorated house in the Eastwood Park Historic District Neighborhood Association's Christmas Lights Contest. The couple own the former Sanders house.

The home of Mark and Deanne Clemens of 805 2nd Avenue SE, the former Smiley house, was awarded second place and the home of David and Pat Lehner of 122 8th Street SE, the former Halla house, was third.

Honorable Mention awards went to Danny and Andrea Messmore, 919 3rd Avenue SE, Elvin and Louetta Kabanuk, 913 2nd Avenue SE, and Steven and Kay Cameron, 605 1st Avenue SE, the former McGregor house.

Judges for the contest were Ed Kuhn, Michael Nilson and Bruce Kopp.

Search On For Resident

The Eastwood Park Reporter is conducting a search for the resident who has lived in Eastwood Park for the most years.

If you or someone you know may be that resident, please send us the name, address and phone number of the resident and tell us something about their years living in Eastwood Park.

Miss Sadie Says...

Welcome to Chuck and Jackie Adams at 216 7th Street SE.

Eastwood Park Planned in 1900

The earliest mention of Eastwood Park was found in the Ward County Reporter dated Thursday, April 12, 1900. A short paragraph stated:

"George W. Hecker, who recently purchased the Rowan farm adjoining this city, has a
beautiful island which he will lay out in town lots and plat it as an addition to Minot. He
intends to put in two bridges and make it the prettiest residence addition in the city.
The addition will comprise about 50 acres and the entire plat is a grove."

Happy New Year in 1992!